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Pixel art is a form of low res digital art, prominent in the early days of computers and video games. Our talented pixel artists created the electronic art for the CAT Clutch one pixel at a time.

Paul Robertson

Paul Robertson is a Melbourne-based artist who graduated from RMIT’s Media Arts in 2002. He has made several short films and worked on such games as Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, Adventure Time, Scribblenauts, Wizorb, Mercenary Kings and has animated for Disney and Adult Swim. He is inspired by video games, japanese animation, action movies, horror movies, demons, gods, maths, science, and the universe.

Carl Douglas

aka Argyle
Carl Douglas is a freelance digital art-slinger based out of Ohio, USA. Carl loves his job more than any artistic crustacean that the world has ever known.


Valenberg is a pixel artist and designer from Germany, working in different fields, such as animation, games and comics. He is also one of the founders of the Jet Plastic Comic-Anthology jetplastic.net

Jacob Giodarno

aka King*Kaiju
Jacob Giordano is a freelance pixel artist, illustrator, and animator. With a love of pixel art and humor he started KingKaiju.com offering art, greeting cards, and other fun items.

Kirk Barnett

Pixel PileDriver
Kirk Barnett is a programmer and artist based out of Seattle, USA. Attending the Digipen Institute of technology he studied Art Production, Real-time Simulation Programming, and lots of math. Currently he is an indie game developer and co-founder of BlockLight.

Fernando Cristi

aka Kyu
Fernando Cristi is a graphic designer & game artist. He enjoys video game development and works as a freelance artist living in Santiago, Chile.

Clement Swennes

aka Atnas
Clement Swennes is a freelance artist and animator living in Philadelphia, USA. He’s a hobbyist programmer and designer.